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Our Company

Sealan are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial-quality solutions for the IoT and M2M market.
Our portfolio of award-winning solutions includes Wireless Modems, Routers, Gateways, EDGE Computing, Cloud Software and End-to-End IoT solutions.
Sealan are committed to helping businesses and industries across the world continue to solve their IoT & M2M problems. We do this by offering robust, secure, scalable and creative solutions, from hardware to complete ‘IoT-in-a-box’ services.
We are Sealan, and we want to help you Make Things Connected.

Our Team

Product Concept

Design optimal products with ease of use, high quality and low cost according to the scenario

Technical Concept

Technology never stops, keep pace with the times, choose the right technology to do the right thing

Focus Direction

About Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Life

Hardware Designed

Over 20 years of experience in embedded hardware design, Qualcomm, MTK, Broadcom, Realtek multiple solutions.

Software Development

Ten years of experience in embedded system development, providing stable software systems for 50 million devices

Cloud Server

Five years of cloud server architecture design experience

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