S212M Industrial Router


S212 Product Introduction

S212 is an industrial grade wired router with stable appearance and high cost performance. Powerful hardware design combined with rich interface characteristics makes S212 competent for M2M applications of Internet of things in various harsh environments.

The product has a built-in high-performance industrial processor and adopts 1 Gigabit Wan, 4 Gigabit LAN Ethernet interfaces (8 Gigabit LAN, optional), 1 USB3.0 interface and 1 console to provide a stable and reliable network environment for data transmission. At the same time, it has its own RS232 / RS485 serial interface to meet a variety of industrial data transmission requirements.

Sl-212 can be widely used in M2M industries in the Internet of things industrial chain, such as intelligent transportation, smart home, finance, mobile POS terminal, supply chain automation, intelligent building, fire protection, public safety, environmental protection, meteorology, digital medical treatment, remote sensing survey, agriculture, forestry, water, coal mine, petrochemical and other networking and information construction. Its excellent hardware performance, Easy to deploy and perfect remote management function is shining in the wave of equipment information construction.

Industrial Application

  • Remote Data Monitor and Control
  • CCTV, security surveillance
  • Water, gas and oil flow metering and schedule
  • AMR (automatic meter reading)
  • Power station monitoring and control
  • Remote POS (point of sale) terminals, ATM
  • Traffic signals monitor and control, Traffic info guidance
  • Oil field, weather forecast, environmental protection, street
  • lamp monitoring and control
  • Early Warning of Mountain Torrent
  • Fleet management
  • Power distribution network supervision
  • Central heating system supervision
  • Weather station data transmission
  • Hydrologic data acquisition
  • Vending machine
  • Vehicle logistics
  • diagnostics controlling
  • Parking meter and Taxi Monitor
  • Telecom equipment supervision (Mobile base station, microwave or optical relay station)

Product Feature

Design for Industrial Application

  • High-powered industrial cellular module
  • High-powered industrial 32bits CPU
  • Support low-consumption mode, including sleep mode, scheduled online/offline mode, scheduled power-on/power-off mode(optional)
  • Housing: iron, providing IP40 protection.
  • Power range:DC 12~48V
  • Grounding protection design

Stability and Reliability

  • Support hard are and software WDT
  • Support auto recovery mechanism, including online detect, auto redial when offline to make router always online
  • Ethernet port : 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection
  • RS232 port : 1.5KV ESD protection
  • SIM/UIM port: 1.5KV ESD protection
  • Power port : reverse-voltage and overvoltage protection
  • Antenna port : lightning protection (optional)

Standard and Conveniene

  • Support standard RS232、Ethernet and WIFI port that can connect to serial,Ethernet and WIFI devices directly
  • Support standard WAN port and PPPOE protocol that can connect to ADSL directly
  • Support intellectual mode,enter into communication state automatically when powered
  • Provide management software for remote management
  • Support several work modes
  • Convenient configuration and maintenance interface (WEB or CLI)


  • Support multiple WAN access methods, including Static IP,DHCP,L2TP,PPTP,PPPOE。
  • Support link backup between Cellular network and WAN
  • Support VPN client (PPTP/L2TP/IPSEC/GRE)
  • Support local and remote firmware upgrade,import and export configure file
  • Support NTP Client
  • Support MAC Address clone
  • support APN/VPDN
  • support DHCP Server and DHCP Client,DHCP static IP address,DDNS,firewall,NAT,DMZ host.
  • Support TCP/IP、UDP、FTP(Optional),HTTP, POP3,QICQ, TELNET, FTP, SNMP, SSHD, etc(Optional)


Hardware specifications
CPU 880MHz,Dual core 4-thread
WAN 1 x RJ45 GigabitWAN,Built in 1.5kV electromagnetic isolation protection
LAN 4 x RJ45 GigabitLAN(8*RJ45 GigabitLAN,Optional),Built in 1.5kV electromagnetic isolation protection
Serial 1 RS232 Port,15KV ESD protection
Data bits:5、6、7、8
Stop bits:1、2
Baud rate:2400~115200bit/s
USB 1 x USB3.0
LED indicators SYS x1
ALM x1
PWR x1
Terminal 5 pin
Ground wire Grounding protection design
Network protocol PPP,PPPoE,TCP,UDP,DHCP,
VPN tunnel IPSec
PPTP Client
PPTP Server
Firewall DMZ,anti-Dos,
Filtering(IP/Domain name/MAC address),
Port Mapping, Access Control
Management Web,Client,Cloud
Software system Default openwrt system
Power Supply
Input voltage 12 to 48V DC
Normal power 8W
Overall power 48W
Full load power 12W
Physical Characteristics
Ingress protection IP40
Housing & Weight Metal,, 1000g
Dimensions 172x120x44mm
Chassis industrial passive cooling chassis (black)
Installation method Critical rail type installation (DIN rail)
Regulatory and Type Approvals
Regulatory CE,CCC
Environmental RHoS
EMI EN 55032: 2012/AC: 2013 (CE & RE) Class A
EMS IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) Contact Level 2
Air Level 3IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT) Level 2
IEC 61000-4-5 (Surge) Level 3
Environmental Limits
Operating Temperature -30℃~75℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
Operating Humidity 5%~95%RH(unfreezing)